At Globe Photos we have been preserving the worlds most iconic photographs since 1938. We are proud to offer you both the most famous and many never before seen images, showcasing your favorite movie stars, bands, musicians, artists, sports, movie stills, and historic events. Shop our unique collection today or contact us with any special request. With an archive of over 20 million images we are sure to find your most cherished photograph.

At Globe photos we are the custodians of several of the world's most famous archives including the Globe Photo Agency, Movie Star News and the Frank Worth Archive, which the famous auction house Christie's of London called "The most significant find of its kind in the past 50 years". Our extensive library houses over 20 million images encompassing the very best of celebrity and historic photography.

We work closely with both private collectors, interior decorators and a wide range of  clients in the multimedia, TV/Film, advertising, editorial and publishing industries.