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EXCLUSIVE: Rare Photos of Celebs Golfing

EXCLUSIVE: Rare Photos of Celebs Golfing

EXCLUSIVE: Rare photos of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Monroe - and even The Beatles – playing golf reveal Hollywood's fascination with the sport on the day The Open reaches its climax

With its slow-paced game requiring relatively little physical fitness, golf remains one of the few sports to attract players of all different backgrounds, even becoming a popular pastime among celebrities and other pro athletes alike.

On Sunday golf enthusiasts will be watching The Open, one of the four major championships in the professional league, which kicked off on July 20 at England's Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

The prestigious event, commonly referred to incorrectly as 'the 'British Open,' was founded in 1860, making it the oldest golf tournament in the world. It became more international in the post-Second World War era, especially with the Arnold Palmer-led American invasion in the 1960s.

But now rare photos obtained by reveal Hollywood's fascination with the world of golf dates back as far as the Golden Age of the 1930s. 

Rare and never-before-seen photos show Golden Age celebs and pro athletes alike, taking part in Hollywood's favorite pastime. Here Marilyn Monroe looks gorgeous as she swings her golf club in the Nevada Desert while filming 1961 drama, The Misfits, with Clark Gable. The film would be her last role prior to her untimely death
Incredible candid 1960's color image of the Fab Four, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star golfing
This rare photo from 1950 shows one of the Golden Age's 'it couples', Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra swinging on a golf course in Las Vegas, Nevada
James Garner was considered one of the best golfers in Hollywood. His daughter Gigi Garner told 'My Dad was a scratch golfer and shot four holes in one. He played in every tournament he could’
Frank Sinatra with Dean Martin looking away while standing on golf course at Celebrity Golf in Los Angeles, California


The never-before-seen photos show some of Tinsel Town's most iconic legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby swinging their clubs with the likes of golf greats including Jack Nicklaus, Palmer and Sam Snead. 

Veteran art collector Klaus Moeller told he was thrilled to discover a trove of vintage golf photos tucked away in one of his filing cabinets.

As chief executive of Globe Entertainment and Media, Moeller has acquired the rights to millions of rare photos and some 25 million negatives, including many that have never been shown in public.

'I absolutely love these photos out on the golf course. They show such a fun and bright side to these fabulous stars and offer a glimpse of some of their tight-knit friendships with golf's finest like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus,' said Moeller.

'I think most of these golf photos have never been seen,' revealed Moeller.

British American comedian Bob Hope. He is pictured right holding a bent golf club in a humorous shot with Arnold Palmer, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most charismatic players in the sport's history 
Mickey Mantle with Billy Martin at Miami Spring's Golf Course preparing for coming Baseball Players tourney 
In one rare, intimate photo, American crooner Bing Crosby play with golf champ Sam Snead at the golf course in Washington D.C. in 1949


'I had no idea that we would find the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Marilyn. My favorite is the one of the Stones with Jagger's attitude. 

'Obviously the Nixon one is hysterical, as is the one with Bob Hope holding the the broken golf next to Palmer.'

One keen golfer was James Garner of Maverick and The Rockford files fame. His daughter, Gigi Garner told

‘My Dad loved the game of golf and was considered Hollywood’s second best golfer behind Jack Wagner,’ she said.

‘My Dad was a scratch golfer and shot four holes in one. He played in every tournament he could.’ 

Golf and Hollywood occasionally crossed paths on screen. Arnold Palmer made a guest appearance alongside Bob Hope in the 1963 comedy Call Me Bwana. The famous golfer is seen standing next to a bewildered Hope holding a bent club.

'I think celebrities are drawn to golf because it is exclusive, meaning it gives them a few hours of peace and quiet away from the crowds where they can enjoy themselves in a beautiful environment,' said Moeller.

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